Mandy Parslow: Transformed in Fire

Mandy Parslow gained her first Degree in Ceramics from the University of Wales and her Masters Degree in Arts, History of Art and Architecture from the University of Limerick, where she is currently a Phd candidate. In 2011 she undertook a month’s residency in Fuping, China. Mandy Parslow’s vessel forms are fired in a wood fuelled salt kiln.

‘Light shifts across the land altering colour, form and texture; varying by the minute, by the season. Marks left by human endeavour punctuate these changes; ploughed fields, meandering paths. Some of these patterns describe ancient cultural landscapes; others show current activity as the landscape continues to be shaped by man and nature.

My ceramic practice explores a sense of place through landscape and objects. Forms evolve from the vernacular containers and tools of rural life now preserved in museums. Conserved behind glass, no longer utilitarian, they resonate for different reasons.

A lifelong exploration of the vessel and the unpredictable technique of wood-firing are appropriate ways to explore these concerns. The rootedness, physicality and close attention over a long time required by the kiln echoes a farmer’s knowledge and bond to the land. The firing appears to physically embed my landscape in the work. Each piece is both caressed and assaulted by the flame, ash and salt vapour moving through the kiln in the intense heat of the firing. Their surfaces are a record of this journey.’

Click here to see Mandy Parslow’s work in Transformed in Fire


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