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Chris Prout

A Mid Summers Walk Chris Prout visits Derbyshire frequently, seeking inspiration for his superbly observed and dynamically rendered paintings. In a previous exhibition of his paintings at gallerytop, Chris wrote: “I’m taken with landlocked Derbyshire. I love its rich and diverse topography, searing hills, edges and vistas that stretch far and wide. The short and […]

PEAKS and TROUGHS: New paintings of the Derbyshire Peak District by Chris Prout

On 11 April 2015 Chris Prout’s new solo exhibition opens at gallerytop. This is the eagerly anticipated show of new work after the success of Chris’ Chatsworth paintings in the summer of 2014. This is what Chris wrote about PEAKS and TROUGHS: Peaks, Troughs and my pounding heart… I’m taken with landlocked Derbyshire. I love […]

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