Tim Andrews: Transformed in Fire

Tim is known internationally for his individual raku/smoke-fired and porcelain work. He has regular large exhibitions both in the UK and around the world – most recently in America, Australia and later this month in Japan. He has written two best selling books on Raku ceramics and his pieces have been acquired for many museums […]

Mandy Parslow: Transformed in Fire

Mandy Parslow gained her first Degree in Ceramics from the University of Wales and her Masters Degree in Arts, History of Art and Architecture from the University of Limerick, where she is currently a Phd candidate. In 2011 she undertook a month’s residency in Fuping, China. Mandy Parslow’s vessel forms are fired in a wood fuelled salt kiln. […]

Owen Quinlan: Transformed in Fire

My art practice explores the material world and how we have come to inhabit it. The geological processes which have shaped our surroundings, and the many ways which we in turn shape and alter these are central to my work. As a maker of objects, I’m drawn to certain qualities… Objects with dual characteristics, both […]

Jack Doherty: Transformed in Fire

“My work explores vessels and the ancient layers of cultural resonance embedded within archetypal forms. Made from porcelain, the forms are thrown then carved and shaped reflecting the fluidity of the material and physicality of making. The elemental colour and surface texture are created by the fusion of fire and soda in the intense heat […]

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