Marie Mills

Inspired by her passion for life and the natural world, Marie Mills produces work which reminds the viewer of the things often taken for granted or overlooked in our busy lives. The abundance of wild flowers or the beauty that the seasons brings is beautifully captured in paint.

Marie Mills’ interest was learnt from gardening with her mother. A knowledge of plants together with a love of painting has been her passion which leads her to produce her range of flower paintings.

She Lives in Cornwall where she paints full time. Her studio overlooks Port Mellon Bay which together with the cliff top wilderness that frames the sea and landscape provides her inspiration. Her paintings are multi-layered with deep textured elements created with a variety of tools – traditional and otherwise

‘I take great delight in starting a new painting, brushing in the skies, this is the only time I use a brush; I then use pallet knives and my fingers to create the hedgerow. This is all done rapidly so as not to lose the spontaneity and capture the beautiful chaos that is our living landscape’.

She says she watches nature’s fight for life against the wind, the rain, and the sun. Marie portrays the strength and frailty of a flower, the reassuring nature of a full bloom, the metamorphosis of a simple daisy.

For several years Marie has spent a lot of time in France, and the influence of the Alps and associated flora is apparent in her more recent paintings.

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