Alice Sheridan

I’ve lived in London all my life and find city energy endlessly exciting. The sense of activity and visual impact can be intense and I enjoy spotting small moments which are often unnoticed; a flash of discarded colour underfoot or textures within old brickwork. Finding a crossover with these moments, and a wider sense of place which I get from the natural landscape, is what drives my approach.

The paintings evolve in many layers over repeat sessions using a seemingly random application of shapes and colour with different materials and collage until I find places of interest within the work itself. Marks in a sketchbook or photograph may have been a starting point, or referred to along the way but at some point I have to be ready to notice and ‘catch’ what has evolved by chance and use that to guide the painting forwards. I work on wood panels as the smoother surface allows me to draw into the paint and scrape back ti underlying layers.

‘Unlocking a landscape’ in this way is a balance of fine control and keeping the freshness and feeling of energy that comes from the painting itself. The end stages are carefully considered with very small and detailed refinements, and then often a final bold application of paint which re-introduces a riskier energy.

Some paintings can be more closely identified with a ‘view’ and others become more abstract. But to me they are all landscapes; a visual reaction to what we choose to notice in our surroundings and encourage into our lives

Split Fused
To the Tall Cliffs
Meet Admiral Sprint













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