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Andrew Macara

“I have known and admired the work of Andrew Macara for many years, both from his many one-man exhibitions and also his work so often seen in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Although he has painted many different subjects over the years, the subject is always incidental to light. his pictures glow and as with […]

Penny Withers

I am interested in the velocity of throwing; the residual energy and shape within spinning clay. It is the water content of clay which is active during throwing, so that one controls a vortex of liquid and watery forms arise like ripples in a stream. My work consists of fluid sketches in clay with surfaces […]

Paul Stone

Paul Stone’s paintings are meticulously observed and make reference to the Dutch and Spanish Still Life paintings of the 17th and 18th centuries. The compositions are focused on the relationships between the objects and their environment. They invite the viewer into an intimate space to seek out the symbolism of the objects and the ‘stage’ […]

Jill Ray

I paint in oils on canvas and I create prints digitally. I developed my print technique whilst practising as a Landscape Architect, providing clear, accessible images for consultation events which could be quickly updated as projects developed. I discovered what a great drawing tool my PC was. I really love the way layers of translucent […]

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