John Paul Cooke

As a professional artist John Paul Cooke’s love and passion is within the field of abstract art. With an unrestrictive approach he creates passionate, colourful art, derived from everyday visual experiences. A large proportion inspired by the bright Cornish light of St. Ives and the earthy tones of the Peak District near Sheffield where he grew up. The dramatic use of colour, texture and form, illustrates his desire to ‘capture the moment’ and to stimulate in the viewer an emotion or reaction. With his very distinctive style, technique and approach there emerges a carefully constructed, unique piece of art.

The images above are two new paintings John delivered to the gallery in June 2018

















Often, the first question about John’s paintings is ‘Where is it?’ It’s a reasonable question because the gallery exhibits a number of artists who represent the Derbyshire Peak District in their work, such as Kristan Baggaley, Rex Preston or Richard Barrett. These artists respond to specific locations with a clear sense of place. However, John’s paintings are not concerned with sense of place as much as the evocation of feelings. The ‘Falling Light’ series are clearly landscaped referenced but they are about an internal landscape, where memories, dreams and half formed thoughts set the parameters: the landscape which seems to be depicted is an imaginary world of calm and tranquility. In these paintings, John’s palette is muted, but there is a vibrant contrast between the ethereal light in the sky and the glowing landscape. People regulary comment on the calm tonal qualities of the paintings and interior designers love them because of the scale of the canvas and the neutral colours.


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